Trust Tax Return(T3) Professional For Professionals Unlimited

Trust Tax Return(T3) Professional For Professionals Unlimited

TaxTron T3 software supports most T3 Returns for all provinces in Both English and French, Quebec T3 Federal Returns are also supported, however the provincial Quebec returns are not. T3 product provides unlimited returns by Unlimited users per Efiler Agent Number.

The software is easy to use with a simple step process for novice and professional users. This is an incredible price in the Industry for a professional T3 software. This software is fully integrated with the Softron Trust Course for training and education purposes.

T3 RET - T3 Trust returns can be paper filed or Efiled by authorized E-Filers

For deceased Individuals, a Trust number can be generated through Represent a Client (RAC) Trust number is needed to prepare T3 returns

The following T3 forms are not supported:

  • Multiple Jurisdiction
  • T3S - Supplementary Unemployment Benefit Plan Income Tax Return
  • T3 ATH-IND - Amateur Athlete Trust Income Tax Return
  • T3M - Environmental Trust Income Tax Return
  • T3RCA - Retirement Compensation Arrangement
  • T3D - Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP) Or Revoked DPSP
  • T3P - Employees' Pension Plan
  • T3PRP - Pooled Registered Pension Plan (PRPP)
  • T3RI - Registered Investment
  • T3GR - Group Income Tax and Information Return for RRSP, RRIF, RESP or RDSP Trusts
  • T1061 - Canadian Amateur Athletic Trust Group

  • Price: $249.99

    You will be directed to TaxTron secure website where you will be required to register and setup your profile. You will be able to start all our professional products for free and purchase the products.

    TaxTron™ Features and Benefits

    No Multi-Tier Software

    TaxTron’s software package contains virtually all the forms you will possibly need, in order to file your personal tax return. No additional or hidden fees! Have peace of mind - whether you have investments or just filing a T4 - you will be charged the same low price, every time.


    TaxTron is competitively priced against our competitors and many returns can actually be filed for free. TaxTron is free for individuals filing a T1 or TP1 return with incomes under $31,000 as well as students with 4 months or more on their T2202 forms.

    Easy to Use Yet Powerful

    TaxTron has built-in guides right in our software - so, a complete novice will be able to fill out their taxes quickly just like a pro! If you’re a professional, TaxTron’s Form Mode allows you to dive straight into the tax forms directly, helping you prepare tax returns in as little as 10 minutes or less.

    Go Modern

    TaxTron’s software is built with the future in mind. You can NETFILE your personal tax return with Canada Revenue and Revenue Quebec straight from our software. You can also print your tax return for your own records or submit it to the government via mail.


    TaxTron has been helping Canadians prepare their own tax returns for over 20 years. TaxTron was the first available tax software for Mac computers, and one of the first to support electronic filing of returns - making us your best choice in Canadian tax software!

    Not Your First Time?

    TaxTron can roll-forward your information from previous year tax return to current year provided your last years' tax return was prepared using TaxTron. Information such as personal details, previous year filing numbers, RRSP, tuition and other carry forward amounts will be automatically filled-in eliminating data entry errors while saving you time and effort.