Additional features of the Web T2 application
  • For CCPC companies with no income/expense/asset/liability during the year with single jurisdiction the web-application has facility to file a return in 5 minutes!
  • Return can be filed from any location and from any modern browser with internet connection without hassle of installing software
  • Assistance modules are included free of charge. One such module is a walk me through feature to help you balance your balance sheet in a situation where assets and liabilities and equity are not balancing
  • No need to prepare a separate Schedule 1 for amounts already entered from your Financials. Only additional entries need to be entered in Schedule 1
  • Easily find out an assets class by typing the name of the asset
  • Return’s are automatically saved online every minute and can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Welcome to Canada’s first web based
    corporate tax filing application.

    File your corporate tax return absolutely free!

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